How it works

Menus World is a simple and easy way to online present your products/services and gets orders.  Enjoy the variety of choices that could be delivered to your home or office, or pick up from shops, or Dine-In.


Register Your Business and fill in the information and then login


Manage Your Business:

- Update your Business Name, Description, Address, and Business Phone.

 - Define your Business mode to serve your customers (Dine-IN/Pickup/Delivery).

- Choose Confirmation methods to Auto confirm your customer's orders (Order confirmation page / WhatsApp).

- Determine how your customer will pay. (Cash/K-Net/Credit Card).

- Enable / Disable Functions Like (Register visit / call waiter).

- Update your Business Logo & Cover Page.

- Choose your default currency, time zone, and default menu language.

- Customize Your Whatsapp Messages Text, to confirm orders by WhatsApp.

- Setup working hours for your business.

- Create Categories for your products and start to enter products (From Menu Tab).



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